Adult Ballet, Keith Robinson     This class is geared toward adults who may have a basic knowledge of classical ballet, but it is not necessary.  The class focuses on the basic positions of classical ballet presented with a relaxed, fun approach.

African Inspired Dance, Shana Bloomstein     Accompanied by Jeff Densmore on drums, this is a mixed level class geared toward teens and adults looking to move and be moved by the forces within and around us! Students will focus on deepening a connection to their bodies through the rhythms of the drums and enjoying the fluid conversation of dance and drums. African Inspired Dance is influenced and inspired by studies with Lisa Newcomb and Arthur Hall (in Maine), Nia Love (in NYC), Babacar M’Baye (in Senegal, West Africa), and many other amazing teachers of traditional dances from Haiti, Ghana and Zimbabwe, and offers an integration of these studies into Shana's own training and identity as a Modern dancer for the past 15 years. Shana incorporates a flowing "yoga/core strengthening" warm-up, body isolations/articulations and rhythmical combinations that travel across the floor. The class also focuses on building strength, agility, and body awareness in a fun, loving and safe environment!

Ballet I (ages 8-11), Keith Robinson     This class focuses on the basic positions and movements of classical ballet, using these movements in simple combinations.

Ballet I, Michele Cox     Dance Your Dream! Young dancers learn ballet technique, taught in the Russian Vaganova style with emphasis on carriage of the upper body. Our ballet barre portion of the class teaches technical movement of each dancer's arms and legs. Our center floor dancing includes foot and leg exercises, balances, a variety of turns, small jumps and each dancer's favorite movement, running leaps. The mental and physical training at this level is integral in each dancer's development.

Beginning Flamenco, Heléna Melone     Flamenco IS Fitness! Build upper body, core, leg and cardiovascular strength through this fierce, graceful, and culturally rich art form.

Belly Dance Essentials, Heléna Melone     A mixed level class to learn, practice, layer and integrate the essentials of this strong and sensual dance, including technique, personal expression and performance aspects.

Contra Dance, Chrissy Fowler     Contra dancing is accessible, participatory, traditional social dance. This class is meant to introduce neophytes to the basics, to directly teach flourishes and fine points to dancers of all levels, and to provide a fun and healthy social activity for all. The 90 minute class provides time to both learn and dance, with questions encouraged. All experience levels welcome. Come with or without a partner. Bring a water bottle and clean, non-marking shoes and dress in comfortable clothes (with short-sleeve layers!)

Hip Hop  Fusion, Shana Bloomstein     This class is geared towards 6-15 year olds with two age groups available and is for students interested in exploring creative movement and deepening body/self awareness through various styles of dance including Hip Hop, Break Dancing, African, Modern, Jazz, Improvisation and Contact Improv as well as elements of choreography and composition . Class begins with a yoga/core strengthening based warm-up and continues with upbeat, simple isolations and rhythm combinations/exercises across the floor. Each session will focus on creating a dance together that tells a specific story unique to the students and the environment/landscape we are all connecting to in our lives. This class explores many elements of body awareness and focuses on opening up a playful, safe and creative space for young people to find their voices through DANCE!

Junior Ballet (ages 4-7), Michele Cox     Where it all begins! Inspired by the classics, this program introduces basic ballet, folk and character steps to our youngest dancers.  This class begins with footwork and leg stretches while sitting in a circle. Our ballet barre includes basic ballet positions for the arms and feet as well as ballet movements of legs, arms and upper body. Center floor dancing is filled with balances, turns and jumps appropriate for these young ballerinas and male dancers.

Junior Jazzin’, Michele Cox     This class is designed for Junior and level I dancers and for boys and girls who enjoy dancing. Jazzin' Hip Hop is inspired by today's Hip Hop craze and Jazz Dance. Hip, shoulder and rib cage isolations reflect the rhythmic downbeat of the music. Basic gymnastic tricks are often taught in this class , such as bridges, backward roles and cartwheels. All turns and jumps are taught in our Jazzin' Hip Hop style.

Song, Rhythm & Dance (ages 3-5), Lisa Newcomb     MOVE, DANCE & SING! Exploring ourselves through the magic of dance - feeling the rhythm and song in a group setting.

Stretch, DANCE Relax, Lisa Newcomb     A class for ages 50+ but all are welcome. This class combines a classical stretch warm-up, single, fun and easy dance combinations for a short cardiovascular workout and relaxing, restorative postures to wind down.  Geared toward beginners but all are welcome. 

Therapeutic Pilates-Based Exercise, Dansingtree   Involving mat and basic ballet barre work through core strengthening and body alignment, including breathing, stretching & relaxing with focused awareness.

Gentle Flow Yoga, Lisa Newcomb     Build strength and flexibility through yoga flows and breathing techniques.  Each class ends with a restorative pose and relaxation.  Previous experience is not required.

 Yoga, Missy Hatch     Missy is a lighthearted teacher who relies on the individual's body wisdom to guide the way. She believes yoga is not a "one size fits all" practice and loves to explore the possibilities, both on and off the mat.